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ASD definition:

Neurobiological disorders characterized by a spectrum of symptoms involving impairment in social interaction, communication, and restricted/repetitive behaviors and interests.


ASD usually manifests at what age?

Within the first 3 years of life.


ASD diagnosis requires a total of 6 behavioral manifestations from 3 categories:

Qualitative impairment in social interaction:
Poor eye contact
Lack of shared enjoyment in activities
Qualitative impairment in communication:
Delayed or deviant language development
Lack of interest in toys appropriate for age
Restrictive repetitive and stereotypic patterns of behavior:
Repetitive rituals or motor movements such as spinning or hand flapping


ASD differentials:

Mental retardation
Sensory impairment (hearing or vision)
Severe abuse or neglect
Rett's disorder
Childhood psychosis
Gifted child
Tourette's syndrome
Fragile X
Childhood disintegrative disorder


Targeted developmental screenings are done at what ages?

9 months
18 months
30 months


Autism specific screenings are done at what ages?

18 months
24 months