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Classes in this Collection


General Alcohol Facts

Learn all the key facts about beer, wine, liquors, spirits, and whiskey, so you don't look like a newbie the next time you're in a fancy restaurant. Using the latest in cognitive science techniques, we will introduce you to the essentials of alcoholic beverages at your very own pace.

5 Decks   256 Cards   79,581 Learners

Booze Terminology

Trying to impress someone with your distinguished characterization of wine? Or by properly “nosing” a whiskey? Then become a true expert on tasting and identifying alcohol, all while using the latest in cognitive science techniques. 

5 Decks   143 Cards   79,316 Learners

Drink Recipes & Techniques

Trying to become a professional bartender? You will need to know these recipes and rules of etiquette for partyhelpers. Learn how to properly layer a shooter, how long to shake cocktails, and what ingredients are needed to prepare the most common drinks. 

10 Decks   464 Cards   79,725 Learners