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Want the most efficient supplemental resource that is updated for the 2019 CPA Exam? This is it: Ninja CPA Flashcards by provide the most comprehensive set of over 1,300 CPA flashcards available. You can study online or in our iOS or Android app, using the world's best spaced repetition study platform (Brainscape)!


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Passing the CPA Exam is tough. Indeed, the first-time pass rate is just 30%! The average CPA candidate is 29 years old and working full time, and considering the combination of work, family commitments, raising kids, and other obligations grabbing for your attention, who actually has time to study?

Ninja: The Best Online CPA Exam Prep

CPA candidates are constantly on the go, so NINJA CPA Review has partnered with Brainscape to bring you the NINJA Flashcards. The most-popular flashcards in the CPA Review industry (used on over 51,300 exams.) are now powered by Brainscape - the most-powerful learning engine in the education market today.

Pairing Brainscape's adaptive learning platform with the detailed must-know CPA Exam concepts has already helped tens of thousands of CPA candidates achieve top scores on the exam. Let NINJA Flashcards be YOUR go-to source for mobile CPA Exam prep.

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Perfect Alternative to Becker, Wiley, and Surgent CPA

Brainscape's game-changing learning technology, combined with Ninja's comprehensive set of bite-sized Q&A content, makes this app the most effective and efficient prep tool anywhere.

NINJA CPA Flashcards include:

  • Over 1,300 must-know concepts for each section of the CPA Exam

  • Drill-downs into CPA Exam topics that your review course likely missed

  • Time-saving memory aides that could save you on Exam Day

  • Brainscape's Confidence-Based Repetition (CBR) study algorithm, which is scientifically proven to help you learn more in less time

Product Reviews

  • "Ninja Notes & Flashcards! They helped me get thru FAR (84) successfully" | Jennifer M

  • "Your flashcards helped me pass AUD the first sitting" | Kristin K.

  • I used them for BEC (88) and AUD (78) and passed both. When I took REG again, I used them much more and got an 82" | Andrew V.

  • I just passed the exam! I had previously failed REG 3 times by less than 3 points each time. I figured your NINJA cards might help get me those extra 3 points I needed; turns out I got an 89. Your product was an absolute lifesaver, thanks so much!!" | Wayne F.

Whether you just want to become an accountant or have aspirations to join the AAA-CPA crew, this app is for you. Stop wasting time studying inefficiently with other CPA review books, games, and workbooks. Get these mobile flashcards and start on your way to a perfect CPA exam score!







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