Global History & Geography Regents

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Global History & Geography Regents Exam

Are you prepared to synthesize content in every region of the world from the 1750s to the present day? These interactive flashcards provide a highly personalized and engaging review, no matter what textbook you use. Guaranteed to help you achieve mastery on the Regents!


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Looking for an engaging study tool that helps you navigate your way to success on the Global History Regents? Get this app for an efficient & fun way to master the exam! Our content is directly aligned to the the NYSED Regents Curriculum-and covers everything you need to know from the 1750s on to the present day.

The Best Global History Exam Review

Built by experienced teachers who know the keys to success on test day, The Global History and Geography Regents Exam contains:

  • Over 400 smart flashcards covering critical facts, events, and concepts from the entire NEW Global History and Geography framework.

  • Detailed and easy to digest, cards review key content while pointing out overarching trends across time.

  • A comprehensive yet manageable focus on the most-frequently tested topics. A full history couldn't be covered in 10000 cards, but our experts have done the prioritization for you!

And remember, Brainscape's unique learning platform personalizes your studies to focus most on real weaknesses, while also ensuring that you periodically review even topics that you know well. We call this process Confidence-Based Repetition, and it is scientifically optimized to help you learn faster and remember for longer.

How to Study for The Global History Regents

You can study for the exam in any order you choose, but it is important to start early. Brainscape's iPhone and Android app make it easy to review in bite-sized chunks throughout short breaks in your day. Research has proven that the “spacing effect” is the most effective way to retain content long term.

Our Global History Regents content contains 15 flashcard decks organized as follows:

  • Absolutism
  • The Scientific Revolution
  • The Enlightenment
  • The French Revolution
  • Reactions to Revolutionary Ideals
  • Unification
  • Economic and Social Revolutions
  • Imperialism
  • WWI
  • The Russian Revolution
  • Between the wars
  • WWII
  • The Chinese Communist Revolution
  • The Cold War
  • Post Cold War Issues and Conflicts

Let's get started on achieving mastery on the NYS Global History Regents today!





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