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Overwhelmed by the sheer amount of MCAT content? Worried about missing details and never even knowing it? Cover the entire scope of MCAT science with Brainscape’s online and mobile flashcards. Curated by a 100th-percentile scorer in close alignment with the official MCAT outline, these flashcards will help you study the right material, faster. **Now with 1000+ brand-new cards!**


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MCAT memorization - from amino acids to metabolism - can be a giant pain. Worse, it can be hard to discern what you even need to memorize. With Brainscape, you can improve your understanding of MCAT science content FASTER than with any other service. Better yet, you can do so in a way that’s carefully balanced to reflect what is (and isn’t!) likely to be tested.

But How Much Does Memorization Matter?

You probably already know that the MCAT is a test of critical thinking. Passage reading, question interpretation, and figure analysis are just some of the skills that separate great scorers from the rest. However, the MCAT is also built on a foundation of thousands of science facts. Without this knowledge, you’ll never even have a fair shot at putting your reasoning skills to use.

As the world’s most effective memory-building tool, Brainscape is the perfect resource for building that science foundation. But our MCAT flashcards were designed to go beyond mere facts. Cards are packed with strategy tips and hints to help you draw connections between topics and subjects.

Maximize Your Score Potential

We all know that MCAT prep is time-consuming, inconvenient, and scary. But what if you could manage MCAT stress and get the same comprehensive MCAT content that you’d see in the best prep books - without having to lug those books around? What if the peace of mind of knowing you’re studying the right material, at the right depth, was something you could carry in your pocket?

Great news! With Brainscape’s MCAT flashcards, you can. Brainscape partnered with Clara Gillan, an 100th-percentile scorer with years of MCAT teaching and product development experience, to write and carefully organize over 4000 flashcards. This repository was created with the input of other top-scoring MCAT experts, years of data regarding the MCAT itself, and meticulous scrutiny of the AAMC outline and available materials. And we tested this app with a focus group of students who all scored more than a 500 on their subsequent practice exam.

These cards aren’t just amino acid abbreviations and definitions of psych terms (although we have that, too!). They get to the heart of what and how the MCAT tests, from multiple decks dedicated to experimental design (moderating variables, anyone?) to extensive drilling on lab-focused concepts, like SDS-PAGE and amino acid titrations.

Pairing Brainscape's adaptive learning platform with the detailed MCAT knowledge has helped thousands of students. Now we want to help YOU improve your score with the highest level of expertise available. After all, to ace the exam, you need a spaced repetition system that efficiently pinpoints the areas where you need content review most!

MCAT Science Review includes:

  • 4200+ dynamic flashcards with in-depth coverage of every MCAT science subject

  • A step by step guide to set your MCAT study schedule

  • Top-notch psychology, sociology, and biochemistry content (recently updated!)

  • A special focus on high-yield topics such as experimental design, analytic techniques, amino acids, and many more

  • Guaranteed coverage of all AAMC topic areas, cross-referenced with the AAMC official outline

  • An MCAT expert-designed tiered system, which progressively tests each topic from simple definitions to the most complex examples and applications, mirroring how the material appears on the real exam

  • A customized flashcard repetition algorithm that cuts your memorization time dramatically

  • Ongoing feedback, statistics, and visualization tools to help you track your progress

  • Additional guides for your MCAT prep

How to Study

You can easily get started studying online for FREE and sync your study progress between the Brainscape website and iPhone or Android app. If you agree with thousands of top medical students that Brainscape is the most effective way to study, then you can upgrade for full access to the flashcards.

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Classes in this Collection


MCAT Biology

Biology is the #1 most tested subject on the MCAT. Master all of it, faster, with Brainscape.

14 Decks   911 Cards   3,950 Learners

MCAT Psychology

Fun fact: after biology, psychology is the most frequently tested subject on the MCAT. Are you prepared?

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MCAT Biochemistry

Newly revised, Brainscape’s biochemistry content covers the full gamut of MCAT prep – from a truly staggering amount of amino acid review to metabolism to lipids.

8 Decks   608 Cards   3,698 Learners

MCAT Gen. Chemistry

Brainscape is here to help you master MCAT Gen Chem faster than ever.

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MCAT Physics

From circuits to fluids to projectile motion, our recently updated MCAT Physics cards will help you master physics faster than ever!

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MCAT Org. Chemistry

From carbohydrate structure to vacuum distillation, tackle MCAT Orgo with the best study tool available – and maybe even have a little fun while doing it.

10 Decks   474 Cards   3,675 Learners

MCAT Sociology

Are you ready for MCAT sociology? Master it faster with Brainscape’s recently-updated content.

6 Decks   365 Cards   3,655 Learners