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Become an expert on ancient Greek and Norse gods, their powers, and their family trees.


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Looking to learn the essential basics of Mythology in the fastest, most efficient way possible? Check out Brainscape's Learn Mythology Basics! You'll become an expert on ancient Greek and Norse gods, their powers, and family trees in a flash with this app that applies the latest in cognitive science techniques to help you to learn fast and efficiently!

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  • Has a customized flashcard repetition algorithm that dramatically cuts down your memorization time
  • Includes over 150 dynamic flashcards covering gods and goddesses from Greco-Roman, Norse, and other mythologies
  • Provides ongoing feedback, statistics, and visualization tools to help you track your progress

Mythology contains over 150 flashcards across 3 decks organized as follows:

  • Greco-Roman Gods
  • Norse Mythology
  • World Mythology Survey

Grab it and get ready to have educated conversations about Thor and more!





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Lessons in this Class

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Greco Roman Gods

Learn to recognize the entire family tree of ancient Greek gods, muses, and nymphs, and understand their influence and their relationships.


Norse Mythology

Use this deck to get acquainted with the study of myths told in medieval Scandinavia. Although much of Nordic folklore comes from pre-Christian times, many aspects have survived to the present. Know your Vikings.


World Mythology Survey

Use this deck to gain a quick and broad understanding of many of the world's other, less frequently studied mythological traditions.