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Proverbs & Idioms

Over 100 FREE cards to help you learn some of the most common English-language proverbs and idioms and to make you even more cultured and knowledgeable!  Our complimentary gift to you!


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"A watched pot never boils." Ever wonder what this means along with other proverbial phrases and idioms you hear on a daily basis? Get up to speed with 100 of the most popular proverbs and idioms with this subject that will help you to learn in the most fast, efficient way possible!

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Proverbs and Idioms:

  • Will drill you in Brainscape with 300 of the top proverbs and idioms used in English
  • Will let you drop some improvessive or obscure references on your friends, colleagues, boss, or teacher!
  • Will stop you from being "all thumbs" with your use or understanding of the English language!

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Over 50 of the most common English-language proverbs. Learn them and feel more cultured!



Over 50 of the most common English-language idioms. Learn them and feel savvier socially!