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The Series 63 is a regulatory exam required of broker-dealer personnel that you must pass in order to conduct securities business at the state level. The test draws heavily on two areas of state securities law: 1) the Uniform Securities Act (USA) and 2) the North American Securities Administration Association’s (NASAA) Statements of Policy and Model Rules.

The USA is a model statute designed to guide each state in drafting its own laws, including the registration of securities and industry professionals, such as broker-dealers, agents, investment advisers, and investment adviser representatives. NASAA’s policies and rules further help to ensure ethical business practices and communications with customers.

Focus of the Series 63 Exam

Most individuals who take the Series 63 are also required to pass a FINRA exam, such as the Series 7 or Series 79, which registers them at the Federal level. Although FINRA exams generally have a heavy emphasis on rules and regulations, they also test the day-to-day industry knowledge of securities professionals, including investments products and their characteristics, exchange trading, and capital market activities.

On the Series 63, however, knowledge of finance and the securities industry will not help you as the exam is 100% rules-based. Therefore, paramount to passing the Series 63 is memorizing all the rules, their exceptions, as well as their applications. In addition, the questions on the exam are designed to be long and trickily worded so it is essential to know the nuances and retain the concepts so that you do not get lost in the question.

The Best Series 63 Flashcards

With this in mind, Knopman Marks , a leader in exam preparation, with the highest pass rates in the industry, has curated these Brainscape flashcards as a study tool to aid in the memorization and retention of key rules that you must know to pass your Series 63.

The Knopman Marks content combined with Brainscape’s Confidence-Based Repetition study algorithm are perfectly designed to help you to memorize, as well as comprehend and retain the testable information.

How to Study for the Series 63

The flashcards on this app provided by Knopman Marks are broken into four decks, each covering an essential component of the Series 63 content:

  • Deck 1: USA, Broker-Dealers & Agents
  • Deck 2: Security Registration
  • Deck 3: Investment Advisers
  • Deck 4: Ethical Practices

These flashcards will help you to drill down on the most important information. However, they are not meant to be a complete study solution, but instead meant to be used in conjunction with a textbook, course, and practice questions.

Finally, although the Series 63 is shorter than other regulatory exams, DO NOT underestimate it.





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Lessons in this Class

# Deck Name Num. of Cards

1 Usa, Broker Dealers & Agents

This deck focuses on the registration requirements for broker-dealers and agents.


2 Security Registration

This deck focuses on the security registration process, including defining a security, registration via qualification and coordination and exemptions from state registration.


3 Investment Advisers

This deck focuses on the registration requirements for investment advisers and investment adviser representatives.


4 Ethical Practices

This deck focuses on rules and regulations that detail how securities professionals can conduct themselves in a just and ethical manner.