Series 7 Top-off Exam

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Series 7 Top-off Exam

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The Series 7 is a regulatory exam that is required for representatives who will engage in the sales of corporate securities, municipal securities, investment company securities, variable annuities, direct participation programs, options and government securities.

The exam tests all the information necessary to know to perform your job as a general securities representative, including knowledge of the various securities products, suitability considerations for investors, customer account types, and rules and regulations.

Note, that in order to become fully registered, you must also pass the Securities Industry Essentials (SIE) Exam.

How to Study for the Series 7

The SIE exam, a co-requisite to the Series 7, covers much of the same content as the Series 7. However, because the SIE tests the content on a more basic and foundational level, the Series 7 questions focus on a deeper application of the concepts. Therefore, expect the exam to be full of long, scenario and suitability-based questions.

The Best Series 7 Top-Off Flashcards

With this in mind, Knopman Marks, a leader in exam preparation, with the highest pass rates in the industry, has curated these Brainscape flashcards as a study tool to aid in the memorization and retention of the key material that you must know to pass your Series 7 exam.

The Knopman Marks content combined with Brainscape’s Confidence-Based Repetition study algorithm are perfectly designed to help you to memorize, as well as comprehend and retain the testable information.

Focus of the Series 7 Top-Off Exam

The flashcards on this app provided by Knopman Marks are broken into eight decks, each covering an essential piece of the Series 7 content:

  • Deck 1: Communications with the Public & New Issue Market
  • Deck 2: Customer Accounts & Retirement Plans
  • Deck 3: Securities Products & Suitability
  • Deck 4: Options
  • Deck 5: Direct Participation Programs
  • Deck 6: Municipal Securities
  • Deck 7: Margin Accounts
  • Deck 8: The Secondary Market, Equity Trading, & Dispute Resolution

These flashcards will help you to drill down on the most important information. However, they are not meant to be a complete study solution, but instead meant to be used in conjunction with a textbook, course, and practice questions.

So put down the tired, old book from Securities Training Corporation (STC) or Kaplan -- and master the Series 7 in the shortest possible time!





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Lessons in this Class

# Deck Name Num. of Cards

Communications With The Public & New Issue Market

This deck focuses on terms and concepts relating to the securities issuance process as well as communications with the public.


Customer Accounts & Retirement Plans

This deck focuses on the account opening process, types of customer accounts and account titles, as well as corporate and individual retirement plans.


Securities Products & Suitability

This deck focuses on securities products including, debt, equities, investment company products, annuities, as well as investor suitability.



This deck focuses on the options market, including option strategies and calculations.


Direct Participation Programs

This deck focuses on direct participation programs, including the different types and characteristics of limited partnerships.


Municipal Securities

This deck focuses on municipal securities characteristics, taxation, and regulation by the MSRB.


Margin Accounts

This deck focuses on margin accounts, including both long and short margin accounting.


The Secondary Market, Equity Trading, & Dispute Resolution

This deck focuses on terms and concepts relating to the secondary market, equity trading, and industry dispute resolution.