World History 101

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World History 101

Look no further for the best survey of World History through the Enlightenment!


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Looking to expand your understanding of World History? Look no further! Put this subject into your Brainscape library for an efficient and fun way to review World History. These 390+ dynamic flashcards will efficiently help you absorb World History from Prehistory to the rise of civilizations through the Enlightenment.

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Subject Overview

Created by a team of top World History lovers and experts, and tested by AP World History students who recently scored a 5 on their exam, this subject:

  • Puts an efficient review of the most important World History facts and concepts at your fingertips in the Brainscape platform;
  • Helps you also learn the context and significance of these critical historical events;
  • Targets especially those issues tested most frequently on college and HS exams; and
  • Personalizes how you spend your study time to focus on weaknesses, while also ensuring that you retain knowledge from earlier in the year;

World History 101 includes 390+ cards across 9 decks organized as follows:

  • Prehistory
  • The River Civilizations
  • Early Religion and Thought
  • States and Empires
  • Europe: the Middle Ages and the Renaissance
  • The Islamic World
  • East Asia from 200 to 1250
  • The Americas and Early Colonial Efforts
  • Europe, Reformation, and Enlightenment

Time to learn the foundations of World History up through the Reformation and Enlightenment!





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Lessons in this Class

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Prehistory refers to the world before the written word. This deck provides an underpinning in world geography, early human development, and the rise of the first cities.


The River Civilizations

The earliest civilizations arose along rivers. This deck decribes the foundation of Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Indian, and Chinese civilization.


Early Religion And Thought

Ranging from the polytheism of the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans to the monotheism of the Jews, this deck describes World History's earliest religions.


States And Empires

This deck describes the development of the world's first empires in Greece, Rome, India, and China.


Europe: The Middle Ages And The Renaissance

From the fall of the Western Roman Empire to the rise of Italian city-states, this deck traces European history through the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.


The Islamic World

Rising in the 600s, Islamic forces quickly dominated much of the Middle East. This deck describes Middle Eastern and African history through the 1400s.


East Asia From 200 To 1250

The history of East Asia from 200 to 1250 is the focus of this deck, including the histories of China, India, and Japan.


The Americas And Early Colonial Efforts

Following the Spanish discovery of the New World in 1492, Europeans quickly conquered much of North and South America. This deck covers the high and low points of the European colonial effort.


Europe, Reformation, And Enlightenment

This deck traces European history from the earliest challenges to the Catholic Church's authority during the Reformation to the rise of the secular philosophes and the European Enlightenment.