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Want the most organized, efficient set of flashcards to complement your studies for the WSET ® Level 1 Spirits exam?  Perhaps you are a drinks professional or enthusiast looking to take things to the next level? These flashcards will help you learn, retain and recall the basics of the world’s major spirits categories, production methods, distillation and flavoring processes, as well as how to use them for certain cocktails.


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Cracking Open the World of Spirits!

Are you new to the drinks and spirits world or simply looking to expand your knowledge of the world’s most significant spirits categories, an overview of distillation and production methods, and what makes certain distillates different from others? Maybe you’re studying for the WSET ® Level 1 Spirits exam and don’t have time to write your own flashcards, or simply don’t know what to study? This full-perspective, introductory class covers the basics you need, the specifics you crave, and everything you need to know for the WSET ® Level 1 Spirits exam.

We Help the Material Stick

Whether you’ve recently changed your career to working with distilled beverages or you’re a student committed to progressing through the levels of the WSET ® curriculum, this class gives full instruction with an unfussy, straightforward approach to learning more about the world’s spirit categories and styles. Designed with the WSET ® Level 1 Spirits exam in mind, you’ll learn about base ingredients, how distillation works, and how to taste spirits like a professional. Detailed, expert instruction will help efficiently broaden your baseline knowledge in everything from the differences between certain rums, vodka, gin and tequila, why some whiskey have an “e” and some do not, and the basic theory of cocktail production. By using this class, we can help you study BETTER & FASTER so you RETAIN MORE and have QUICKER RECALL.

The Best App for WSET ® Level 1 Spirits Prep

Brainscape's insider team of beverage professionals has worked tirelessly to create the most comprehensive set of flashcards for WSET ® Level 1 Spirits exam-takers and drinks enthusiasts. If you’re looking to build your Spirits and general beverage knowledge, this class is the best place to start.

More Dependable Than Any Other Resource

Recognizing that there was no proper study tool or any other spirits class up to our own standards for the material covered in the WSET ® Level 1 Spirits textbook, this course was developed and written by a 27-year industry veteran who has worked in many facets of the drinks industry: as a bartender and bar manager, retail wine and spirits buyer, sommelier, multi-unit corporate beverage director, wine and spirits educator. The author has also worked closely with wine, beer and spirits manufacturers to customize styles and brands for various applications throughout the beverage industry. This class was written to help those who are sitting for the WSET ® Level 1 Spirits exam to pass it; it is also an extensive resource for those not in the industry but who are passionate about liqueurs and want to up their game.

Brainscape’s author spent numerous hours poring over the current Level 1 Award in Spirits textbook edition and broke down the content into the most convenient and digestible language possible. We then had multiple drinks industry pros proofread the flashcards to refine the content, and now you can benefit from the most comprehensive, clear study solution for the WSET® Level 1 Spirits exam.

About the Content in the WSET ® Level 1 Spirits Class

This WSET ® Level 1 Spirits course contains nearly 125 flashcards that provide an in-depth review of the introduction to the world of Spirits: Tasting and Evaluating, production methods and distillation techniques, and the differences in the broad categories and subcategories found across the globe. We’ve streamlined the information in the textbook so you gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of why liqueurs and spirits taste the way they do.

Why Brainscape Works:

Brainscape’s learning scientists from Columbia and Yale spent years developing a complete, scientifically optimized learning platform specifically for the mobile environment.

Brainscape's proprietary learning algorithm, called Confidence-Based Repetition (CBR), spaces the repetition of each bite-sized concept according to the right interval for YOUR brain. Brainscape also uses a proprietary system called Intelligent Cumulative Exposure (ICE), which introduces concepts incrementally, gradually increasing difficulty according to YOUR individualized confidence and knowledge levels.

With Brainscape’s WSET ® Level 1 Spirits course, you get:

  • Nearly 125 cards with a comprehensive introduction to the most important liqueur and spirits categories, the techniques and regions in which they’re produced, proper storage and service, and the basics of how to build cocktails

  • Explanations of spirits categories, labeling terms, aging requirements, and classifications so you have a thorough understanding of each topic covered

  • Ongoing feedback, statistics, and visualization tools to help you track your progress

  • A carefully tailored curriculum that builds on previous concepts and guides you from grain to glass

  • In-sync studying across Brainscape’s website and all your iOS devices

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Lessons in this Class

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Spirits Production Basics

Understanding spirits distillation and ingredients.


Tasting Spirits

Being able to taste and consistently describe what you are tasting.



Understanding distilling to purity.



Understanding this specialized type of spirit made from fruit, the various categories, and brandy labels.



Know the differences between Scotch, Irish, Japanese, Canadian and the various American styles of whiskey.



Know the differences in this sugar cane based spirits and the various types.



Know why some tequila is better than others, and the aging categories.


Flavored Spirits/Liqueurs

How does flavor get added to certain spirit types, and the techniques used to make them.


Storage & Service

Knowing the basics of cocktail culture, production and service techniques.