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Organic Chemistry can be a challenging course. To learn faster and retain what you've learned, study Organic Chemistry using our smart online flashcards.

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What is Organic Chemistry?

Organic chemistry is a subdiscipline of chemistry that studies the structure, composition, properties, reactions, and synthesis of carbon-containing compounds. You might have heard it before (or not), but carbon is the element of life. Yes, c-a-r-b-o-n. Carbon. Not oxygen, but carbon. And believe it or not, whenever space explorers check other planets, the first thing they look for are compounds containing carbon. Many years ago, humans even thought that carbon compounds could only be produced by living organisms. So much so that until today, we call carbon-containing compounds – organic.

The very foundations of organic chemistry are built on them – ‘organic compounds’ (of course) and their role in life processes. This subject plays a significant role in the production and improvement of common household chemicals, plastics, food, medications, fuels, explosives, and cosmetics.

Some of the careers that apply the knowledge and understanding of organic chemistry include chemical engineers, forensic analyst, physicians, dentists, veterinarians, chemists, food scientists, and pharmacologist.

Learning Organic Chemistry

Organic chemistry is challenging. Those who study this subject, have “alkynes” (all kinds) of trouble. Well, kidding aside, if you want to learn about alkynes, alkenes, dot structures, electronegativity, hybridization, and polarity, study organic chemistry.

And since it is a logical-type of science, you probably need to start and learn the basics. Push yourself to understand the foundations and the basic concepts because you need to understand the logic behind the reactions. Don’t wait until the day before your exams to start studying. And utilize all study tools to understand critical concepts effectively.

Instead of reading alone, try ready-to-review flashcards, such as those in Brainscape.

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