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About Phonics on Brainscape

What is Phonics?

Phonics is a technique for teaching both reading and writing of the English language.

It focuses on identifying phonemes (distinct sounds) and their representative spelling pattern or grapheme.

In many languages there is a character for almost every sound yet English has but 26 letters to express its over 40 spoken phonemes. Thus, letters must link together like the ‘th’ in ‘together’. Phonic’s aims to allow new readers to decode written words by simply sounding them out as they recognize the sound-symbols.

Phonics is used greatly in teaching young children the basics of the language. It’s also used by language teachers who teach English as a second language to people of all ages. Speech therapists and teachers that work with deaf children also implement phonics in their working lives.  

Learning Phonics

If you are learning English then, the Look and Say flashcards at the top of this page are an unrivalled resource for you to learn English whatever your native language; they are also free to use! The course will allow you to listen to lots of words so you’ll learn exactly how they sound and practice speaking along. There are also flashcards that explain the rules, patterns and sounds that apply to much of the English language. As a complementary tool why not try our Vocab Builder, which is a Brainscape certified course designed to help you master the English language.

If you are learning to teach children or adults, with or without impaired hearing you can find a whole heap of useful resources to plan your classes on this page. There’s also a sign language page to check out. Alternatively, it’s super easy and fun to make your own flashcards.

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