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Why is chemical analysis important?

Chemical analysis is important for checking that the environment remains healthy and safe.

If pollution occurs it can be detected and monitored by chemists different techniques.


What are the two types of chemical analysis?

Checking if a substance is present-qualitative analysis.

An example of this type of analysis is the flame test.

Finding out how much of a substance is present-quantitative analysis.

Produce numbers in their results. An example of this type of analysis is a titration.


How does flame testing work?

To carry out a flame test a wire (usually made from platinum or nichrome) is dipped into the sample. The sample on the wire is then held in a roaring (blue) Bunsen flame and colours are observed.

There is a list of some flame colours in the data booklet.


What happens in a precipitation reaction?

A precipitation reaction is one in which substances in solution are mixed and an insoluble product is made. The insoluble product is called a precipitate and can be seen as a solid forming in the reaction mixture.


How can you check if an insoluble product is made?

If state symbols are not given you need to use the solubility tables called "Solubilities of Selected Compounds in Water" in the SQA Data Booklet to find if an insoluble product is made.