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How many websites does IIS host for Exchange on an Exchange server?

Exchange servers have two websites: the front-end (client access) website, and the back-end (administrative) website.


What methods of client access will NOT generate IIS log files?

POP and IMAP are separate client access services that do not use IIS, so they do not generate IIS log files.

They have separate logs that must be manually enabled.


Where are POP and IMAP logs stored by default?

They are disabled by default, but the default path is:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V15\Logging

In this folder will be the following folders:


What is Office Online Server?

It provides a web-based viewing and editing experience for Office documents.


What can Office Online Server integrate with?

It integrates with Exchange 2016, SharePoint Server 2016, and Skype for Business 2015


What can Office Online Server provide when integrated with Exchange 2016?

Office documents that are attached to e-mails can be viewed and edited within the Outlook on the Web interface.


What ports will Office Online Server use on the server it's installed onto?

And what are those ports used for?

80 (for HTTP)

443 (for HTTPS)

809 (for communication between Office Online Servers when more than one instance is deployed)


What considerations are there for the server to have Office Online Server installed on?

• Use the same sizing guidance as SharePoint Server 2016

• Don't install on web servers or servers with applications that use the same ports

• Don't install Office applications on the Office Online Server

• Don't run Office Online Server on a domain controller, Exchange server, SharePoint server, or Skype for Business server


What Deployment Topologies are possible for Office Online Server, and what does each entail?

• Single server farm using HTTP
– Fine for testing, but not recommended to use non-HTTPS in production.
– Not compatible with Skype for Business Server 2015

• Single server farm using HTTPS
– all Office Online Servers are installed as a farm, even if you just have a single server

• Multiple server farm using HTTPS
– requires a load balancer
– Office Online Server is a stateful application, so the load balancer must provide persistence, so that users maintain a connection to the same server during their session.


How do you integrate Office Online Server with Exchange 2016?

Once Office Online Server has been installed and configured:

• Configure Exchange with a Discovery Endpoint for Office Online Server.
○ This can be configured at the Organization Level, or the Mailbox Server Level.

• The OWA App Pools need to be recycled before the change will take affect.
○ This will happen automatically after a several hours, or can be done manually but will kick out all OWA users.


When would you want to configure a Discovery Endpoint for Office Online Server at the Mailbox Server Level vs. at the Organization level?

Configuring it at the Organization level will affect all mailboxes.

Configuring it at the Mailbox server level will only affect mailboxes on that server.

You would use the Mailbox Server level if you have either:

• multiple Office Online server farms, and want to deploy a different farm for different regions of your network

• some 2013 versions of Exchange deployed alongside Exchange 2016


What is the PowerShell command to configure a Discovery Endpoint in Exchange 2016 for Office Online Server?

Setting it at the Oranization level: