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When transporting a portable ladder who gives the commands?

The man holding the ladder in the front


When transporting ladder in horizontal position you should position ladder with fly facing the building

False. Fly away from building


When transporting ladder in horizontal position the man in front places his arm through which rungs ?

Second and third rungs from the tip
Grasping first rung


When transporting ladder in horizontal position the man in rear places his arm through which rungs ?

Last two rungs and grasps third rung from butt


When raising a ladder where should you place the butt in relation to objective ?

Butt directly below objective

Note: fly away


When raising a ladder into position where does the raising man stand initially ?

One third the distance from the tip on the street side of ladder facing tip


When raising a ladder the butt man will stand with back to street ?

False back to building



Where does the butt man position hands and feet before raising a ladder to vertical

Back to building
Foot nearer tip plAced on lower ladder shoe(left)
Hand near tip grasps underside of upper beam at approximately the 3rd rung Palm up(left)
Other hand grabs upper beam shoe palm down(right)
Other leg extended for leverage (right)


Who extends fly section on lAdder the butt man or raising man

Butt man


While fly is being extended the raising man steadies the ladder where should he's feet hands be?

Takes boxer stance
Left foot forward dead center between beams
Both hands grasps beams on inner rail about shoulder high


When placing a ladder against the building the butt man look upward ? True or false

False..No forward not upward


Where does the butt may grasp ladder when lowering into building

With back to building grasps both beams on inner rails about shoulder high


The buttman will secure halyard after the ladder is placed into building what knot does he use and where does he place the knot

Clove hitch and binder on taught part of rope above the 3rd rung


When carrying a ladder in the vertical position where do the members position themselves and where do they hold the ladder

Each man moves to right facing beams
Grasps beam in front of him head high with left hand
Grasps 3rd rung from butt with right hand palm up


When carrying ladder in vertical position how far off the ground do you raise ladder

Few inches off ground


Who gives commands when ladder moved in vertical position

Man facing direction of travel


Where should the man facing direction of travel look

Looks alternately at tip and direction of travel to avoid obstructions


When ladder needs to be secured when moving In vertical position who the command to secure ladder?

Butt man or man having difficulty if ladder starts to get out of control


When raising ladder, the butt man will push down with which hand and pull up with which hand

Pushes down with hand on shoe (right)
Pulls up with hand nearer tip ( left)
Stretches leg away from butt until ladder reaches vertical position ( right)


When lowering ladder when does butt man give the command to raising man to step out ?

When the raising man reaches 1/3 distance from tip


When raising a 35 foot ladder with 3 men where do the raising men stand and where to the face in preparation to raise ladder

about 1/3 the distance from tip facing tip


When extending the fly section of a 35 foot ladder where do the raising men stand how do the position there hands and feet

Both men stand facing beams
Grab beams on rails left hand about head high
Right hand about waist high
Feet about 2 feet apart

Note both men steady ladder and look up


When lowering ladder against building (35) where does butt man stand and hold on to ladder

Building side of ladder facing raising men
Grasps beam about shoulder high
Looks forward not up


Where do raising men stand and position hands and feet when lowering 35 foot into building

Street side facing buttman
Foot near partner on bottom rung
Grasp rung shoulder high palms down
Look towards tip


The buttman when carrying a 35 foot ladder in vertical position shall hold the ladder where

Grasp rung just above head in the direction of travel
Other rung (opposite travel) 2nd rung from bottom palm down


When moving 35 foot ladder in vertical position the raising me should ?

Faces outside beam nearer to him
Beam with left hand about head high
Right hand 2nd rung from bottom

NOTE : taller men may grab 3rd rung from bottom if more comfortable but both men must grab same rung