3.7 Analyse The Strategic Position Of A Business

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3.7.1 Mission, Corporate Objectives & Strategy
- Influences on the mission of a business - Internal and external influences on corporate objectives and decisions - The distinction between strategy and tactics - The links between mission, corporate objectives and strategy - The impact of strategic decision making on functional decision making - The value of SWOT analysis
54  cards
3.7.2 Analysing The Existing Internal Position Of A Business: Financial Ratio Analysis
- How to assess the financial performance of a business using balance sheets, income statements and financial ratios -The value of financial ratios when assessing performance
32  cards
3.7.3 Analysing the internal position of a business: overall performance
- How to analyse data other than finically statements - The importance of core competences - Assessing short- and long-term performance - The value of different measures of assessing different business performance
0  cards
3.7.4 Analysing the external environment: political and legal change
- The impact of changes in the political and legal environment on strategic and functional decision making
0  cards
3.7.5 Analysing the external environment: economic change
- The impact of changes in the UK and the global economic environment on strategic and functional decision making - Reasons for greater globalisation of business - The importance of globalisation for business - The importance of emerging economies for business
0  cards
3.7.6 Analysing the external environment: social and technological
- The impact of the social and technological environment on strategic decision making - The pressures for socially responsible behaviour
0  cards
3.7.7 Analysing the external environment: the competitive environment
- Porter’s five forces, how and why these might change, and the implications of these forces for strategic and functional decision making and profits
0  cards
3.7.8. Analysing strategic options: investment appraisal
- Financial methods of assessing an investment - Factors influencing investment decisions - The value of sensitivity analysis
0  cards

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