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Carbohydrates and Lipids
Monosaccarides, Disaccardies, Polysaccaradies, lipid Structure, Food Tests
29  cards
Proteins and Enzymes
Amino acids, The structure of a protein, Function of proteins, Biuret test, Enzyme function, Lock and key, Induced fit,Rate of change, Limiting factors, Inhibitors
38  cards
Nucleic Acids, ATP and Water
The creator of this deck did not yet add a description for what is included in this deck.
88  cards
The nucleus, the mitrochondrion, endoplasmic reticulum, golgi, lysosomes, ribosomes, cell surface membrane, microvilli, centrioles, plant cells, chloroplasts, cellulose cell wall, vacuoles, bacterial cell, virus, light microscope, electron microscope, cell fractionation,
76  cards
Cell Cycle and Cell Division
Chromosomes, The cell cycle, Mitosis, Cancer, Bianry fission in bacteria, Virus replication, Meiosis, Crossing over, Independent segregation
39  cards
Transport Across Membranes
Plasma membrane, Diffusion, Ficks law, Osmosis, Hypotonic/Hypertonic/Isotonic, Active transport, Endocytosis, Exocytosis
25  cards
Digestion and Absorption
Digestive system, Starch digestion, Carbohydrate absorption, Co-transport of glucose, Protein digestion, Amino acid digestion, Co-transport of amino acids, Lipid digestion, Lipid absorption
38  cards
Defence mechanisms, Immune system, Recognising self and non-self, Lymphocytes, Phagocytosis, Specific immunity, Antigens, Specific immune response, Cell mediated immunity, Humoral immunity, Antibodies, Monoclonal antibodies, Vaccination, Herd immunity, HIV, Antibiotic resistance, Autoimmune disease
75  cards
Transport of O2, Structure, Oxygen dissociation curve, Bohr shift
16  cards
Mass Transport in Humans
Blood flow through the heart, Heart structure, Pressure chambers, Valves, Cardiac output, Coronary heart disease, Antheroscleriosis, Thrombosis, Aneurysm, Risk factors, Gaseous exchange surfaces, Lung structure, Mechanism of breathing, Diffusion of gases, Pulminary ventilation, Lung disease, Mass flow, Circulation system, Major vessels, Structure of blood vessels, Tissue fluid, Lymphatic system
46  cards
Gas Exchange (not human)
SA:V, Single celled organisms, Insect gas exchange, Gas exchange in fish, Gas exchange in dicotyledonous plants, Xerophytic plants
20  cards
Mass Transport in Plants
Plant roots, Symplastic and apoplastic pathway, Transpiration, Structure of xylem cells, Factors affecting rate of transpiration, Measuring the rate of transpiration, Translocation and mass flow and Mass flow evidence
17  cards
Protein Synthesis and Selection
Nucleic acids involved, Protein synthesis, Transcription, Translation, The genetic code, Gene mutaions (Substitution and Deletion), Causes of mutations, Chromosome mutations, Natural selection, Directional selection, Stabilising selection, Disruptive selection
45  cards
Biodiversity, Species and Taxonomy
Biodiversity, Diversity index, Ecosystem stability, Farming, Taxonomy, The classification system, Phylogenetics, Courtship behaviour, Modern classifaction methods, Method of direct comparison, Proteins, Immunological comparisons
43  cards

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The creator of this class did not yet add a description for what is included in this class.

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