AS-Level Biology (AQA)

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1.1 (1) - Biological Molecules
Introduction to biological molecules Carbohydrates and monosaccharides Carbohydrates - disaccharides and polysaccharides Starch, glycogen and cellulose Lipids Proteins Enzyme action Enzyme inhibition
78  cards
1.2 (2) - Nucleic Acids
Structure of RNA and DNA DNA replication ENergy and ATP Water and its functions
30  cards
2.1 (3) - Cell Structure
Methods of studying cells The electron microscope Microscopic measurements and calculations Eukaryotic cell structure Cell specialisation and organisation Prokaryotic cells and viruses Mitosis The cell cycle
76  cards
2.2 (4) - Transport Across Cell Membranes
Structure of the cell-surface membrane Diffusion Osmosis Active transport Co-transport and absorption of glucose in the ileum
22  cards
2.3 (5) - Cells Recognition and the Immune System
Defence mechanisms Phagocytosis T lymphocytes and cell-mediated immunity B lymphocytes and humoral immunity Antibodies Vaccination HIV
38  cards
3.1 (6) - Exchange
Exchange between organisms and their environment Gas exchange in single-celled organisms and insects Gas exchange in fish Gas exchange in the leaf of a plant Limiting water loss Structure of the human gas-exchange system The mechanism of breathing Exchange of gases in the lungs Enzymes and digestion Absorption of the products of digestion
82  cards
3.2 (7) - Mass Transport
Haemoglobin Transport of oxygen by haemoglobin Circulatory system of a mammal The structure of the heart The cardiac cycle Blood vessels and their functions Transport of water in the xylem Transport of organic molecules in the phloem Investigating transport in plants
89  cards
4.1 (8) - DNA, Genes and Protein Synthesis
Genes and the triplet code DNA and chromosomes The structure of RNA Protein synthesis - transcription and splicing Protein synthesis - translation
36  cards
4.2 (9) - Genetic Diversity
Mutations Meiosis and genetic variation Genetic diversity and adaptations Types of selection
32  cards
4.3 (10) - Biodiversity
Species and taxonomy Diversity within a community Species diversity and human activity Investigating diversity Quantitative investigations of variation
32  cards
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1  cards

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AS-Level Biology (AQA)

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The creator of this class did not yet add a description for what is included in this class.

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