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Word Knowledge
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Paragraph Comprehension 1
1: Tsunamis are large waves or earthquakes caused by earthquakes or underwater landslides. The word "tsunami" is a Japanese word meaning "harbor wave" because of the destructive effects that these waves have had on coastal Japanese communities.
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Paragraph Comprehension 2
2: Pyromaniacs are very rarely the setters of most criminal fires. Most people who set fires do so for insurance fraud, although others often set fires for revenge and terrorism. Very few people actually start fires because they receive strong psychological gratification from the act.
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Paragraph Comprehension 3
3: Panther refers to two different types of animals¿the leopard and the concolour. Concolours are called by many other names: cougar, puma, mountain lion, and panther are just a few. In fact, the panther has more dictionary names than any other known predator.
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Arithmetic Reasoning
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