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"Color" In the Bible
Color scripts in the Bible
7  cards
Black Like Egyptians
Showing the Israelites where confused for Egyptians at times
7  cards
Israel in Slavery
Showing the prophecy of our current captivity
6  cards
Our Names Changed
showing that we would have are names takin away
2  cards
He Foreknew
showing that God Always had his chosen people
3  cards
showing Gods Elect
5  cards
God's Chosen people
4  cards
who is Esau
5  cards
Esau's Descendants
showing the children of Esau
1  cards
Migration of the 10 Tribes of Israel (Northern Kingdom)
Showing the so Called Native Americans and So called Hispanics are Israelites
3  cards
Israel in Americas
3  cards
What is Love?
showing what love is according to scriptures
6  cards
The Holy Ghost
Showing the Holy Ghost is the scriptures
2  cards
"The Church" Is Israel
showing the church is the children of Israel
2  cards
Islam Created in 622 AD
showing Islam is after the Bible and not for us
6  cards
Immaculate Conception Lie
Showing Christ had a natural Birth
17  cards
New Testament Only For Israel
Showing that the Bible is only Israel
4  cards
showing Israel is the Heir firstborn
4  cards
To show Israel are the saints in the Bible
6  cards

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Bringing Isaiah 28:10 to reality

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