Chinese 4 - Simplified

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Describe how long you've known someone Invite someone to go on a date Make the necessary arrangements to go out with friends Accept a date courteously Decline a date politely End a conversation without hurting the other person's feelings
20  cards
Describe your current and ideal living quarters Name common pieces of furniture State how long you have been living at your current residence Comment briefly on why a place is or isn't good for someone Discuss and negotiate rent, utilities, and security deposits
42  cards
Name some popular sports Talk about your exercise habits Discuss your feelings about various sports Make a simple comparison between how soccer and American football are played
33  cards
Talk about your plans for summer vacation Describe what kind of city Beijing is Describe your travel itinerary Ask for discounts, compare airfares and routes, and book an airplane ticket Ask about seat assignments and request meal accommodations based on your dietary restrictions or preferences
43  cards
Check in at the airport Wish departing friends a safe journey and remind them to keep in touch Greet guests at the airport Compliment someone on his or her language ability Ask about someone's health Remind people to move on to the next event
24  cards

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Chinese 4 - Simplified

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