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Beer Basics
Impress your friends with your knowledge of all kinds of beer, from ales to stouts. Quickly get a handle on the types and characteristics of the world's favorite beverage.
38  cards
Blackjack Basics
A comprehensive set of beginner rules, strategy, and etiquette for anyone interested in this immensely popular casino game.
26  cards
Hard Liquor and Spirits
An introduction to identifying, smelling, tasting, and critiquing hard liquors, plus the cultural and geographical origins of the main categories of spirits.
47  cards
Hip Hop Basics
Learn the basics of the Hip Hop Nation: its history, its leaders, and its significance as a cultural movement.
54  cards
Hockey Basics
From icing to high-sticking, this deck will have you understanding (and appreciating) the game in no time.
38  cards
Wine Basics
Learn a variety of basic wine facts, from the meaning of distillation to the basic characteristics of reds, whites, and rosés.
32  cards
Science of Brainscape
The creator of this deck did not yet add a description for what is included in this deck.
32  cards

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