Criminal Litigation

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SGS 1 - Criminal Justice System and Professional Conduct Issues
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SGS 2 - Police Powers
1. identify and apply the ‘stop and search’ powers under s. 1 of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 (‘PACE’); 2. analyse the use of police powers of arrest; 3. advise a suspect on his rights while in detention at the police station before charge; and 4. advise a suspect on police powers in relation to the taking of samples.
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SGS 3: Case analysis, police station advice, and inferences from silence
1. analyse offences you will regularly encounter in criminal practice; 2. understand what issues the prosecution has to prove in order to provide a realistic prospect of a conviction; 3. evaluate the nature and strength of potential evidence and defences; and 4. advise a client in relation to adverse inferences and the options available in a police interview and the potential consequences of each option
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SGS 4: Bail, Plea before venue & allocation of trial
1. apply the exceptions to the right to bail and the factors the court must use when applying these exceptions; 2. prepare and deliver a contested bail application; 3. apply the relevant statutory provisions, the allocation guideline and the Magistrates’ Court Sentencing Guidelines and consider the practical and tactical considerations involved in determining allocation; and 4. advise a client as to the procedure for case progression in a magistrates’ court.
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SGS 5: Introduction to Evidence
1. advise on the rules relating to competence and compellability of witnesses; 2. understand the importance of confession evidence and the rules governing the admissibility of evidence; 3. evaluate the court’s power to exclude prosecution evidence; 4. apply the rules on the admissibility of bad character evidence; and 5. assess the quality and admissibility of identification evidence.
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SGS 6: Sentencing & Appeals
1. understand and apply the sentencing principles contained in both statute and relevant sentencing guidelines; 2. consider the different sentences available and identify the factors that the court will consider when deciding which sentence to impose; and 3. advise a client upon appeal against sentence.
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The creator of this class did not yet add a description for what is included in this class.

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