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Unit 305: Principles of Infection Control in the Dental Environment
LO1: Understand the process of infection control LO2: Understand the significance of microorganisms LO3: Understand the management of infectious conditions affecting dental patients LO4: Know the various methods of decontamination LO5: Understand the relevant health and safety legislation, policies and guidelines
106  cards
Unit 314: Radiography
LO1: Know the regulations and hazards associated with ionising radiation LO2: Understand the different radiographic films and their uses LO3: Understand the imaging process and the management of chemicals used for processing radiographs LO4: Understand the importance of stock control, mounting and quality assurance in dental radiography
85  cards
Unit 313: Assessment of Oral Health and Treatment Planning
LO1: Understand the organisational and legal requirements which apply to the assessment of oral health and treatment planning LO2: Understand methods of oral heath assessment LO3: Know the structure and function of oral and dental anatomy in relation to patient assessment LO4: Understand how medical conditions and oral diseases inform treatment planning LO5: Know the classifications of drugs referred to in treatment planning LO6: Know how to respond to medical emergencies
79  cards
Unit 315: Management of oral health diseases and dental procedures
LO1: Know the types and causes of oral disease LO2: Understand prevention and management of oral diseases LO3: Restorative treatment LO4: Fixed and removable prostheses LO5: Orthodontics LO6: Non-surgical endodontic treatment LO7: Extractions and minor oral surgery
140  cards

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Dental Nursing

  • Full test name Diploma in Dental Nursing Level 3
  • Test acronym DN

Questions covering the content for exam units 305, 313, 314 and 315 for the *Level 3 Diploma in Dental Nursing (5234 - 01/91)*

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