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Describing Skin Lesions Lecture Powerpoint
This better be easier than nephrology damn it
82  cards
Key Dermatological Terms
26  cards
Skin Anatomy and Physiology Lecture Powerpoint
mostly review, a little new
48  cards
Viral Skin Infections Lecture Powerpoint
45  cards
Eczema and Dermatitis Lecture Powerpoint
100 slides fuck me
46  cards
Pigmentation Disorders Lecture Powerpoint
32  cards
Acne and Rosaea Lecture Powerpoint
36  cards
Hair and Nail Disorders Lecture Powerpoint
37  cards
Benign Skin Disorders Lecture Powerpoint
33  cards
Dermatologic Procedures Lecture Powerpoint
15  cards
Bacterial Skin Disorders Lecture Powerpoint
38  cards
Fungal Skin Infections Lecture Powerpoint
i hate this
43  cards
Dermatologic Pharmacology
61  cards
Skin cancer lecture Powerpoint
curtis gren NOBLE
20  cards
Exanthems and Drug Eruptions Lecture Powerpoint
28  cards
Psoriasis Lecture Powerpoint
fucking damn it
22  cards
Arthropods and Infestations Lecture Powerpoint
craig baebae
15  cards
Connective Tissue and Bullous Disorders Lecture Powerpoint
Mike take me home
19  cards

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