Diagnostics and Therapuetics

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Pharmacodynamics and Receptors
Pilch: 1. Compare and contrast the efficacies and potencies of drugs on the basis of their graded dose-response curves. 2. Describe the difference between an agonist and a partial agonist. 3. Describe the different mechanisms of antagonism in clinical pharmacology. 4. Specify whether an antagonist is competitive or noncompetitive (irreversible) based on its effect on the graded dose-response curve of an agonist. 5. Specify whether a tissue contains spare receptors for an agonist based on the imp
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Intro to Oncology and Molec Path
Dr. Minerowicz
14  cards
Laboratory Medicine, Path, and Autopsy
Willet: 1. Common use/liability of tests 2. norm/abnorm tests 3. harms/probs with tests 4. strengths/weaknesses of Patho/Autopsies
5  cards
Clinical Decision Making
Dr. Willet
14  cards
Drug Metabolism
Dr. Pilch
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Overview of Imaging
Willett:  List the commonly available imaging modalities  For each, list mechanism, common uses, toxicity  Estimate imaging test reliability  Estimate the magnitude of the risk of malignancy from radiation and list its influences  Identify populations at higher risk from imaging  Define and describe importance of incidentaloma
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Willett: Define placebo, Magnitude,mechs, influences, and evidence.
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Drug Discovery and Clinical Development
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Herbal Medications
Dr. Pilch 1. Medical Uses 2. Adverse effects 3. Drug-drug interactions
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Diagnostics and Therapuetics

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The creator of this class did not yet add a description for what is included in this class.

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