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Resp - Anatomy
Pg. 594-595 in First Aid 2014 Sections include: -Respiratory tree -Pneumocytes -Lung relations -Diaphragm structures
39  cards
Resp - Physio (Lung volume, Ventilation, & Lung and chest wall)
Sections include: -Lung volumes -Determination of physiologic dead space -Ventilation -Lung and chest wall
22  cards
Resp - Physio (Hemoglobin & Oxygen)
Pg. 597-598 in First Aid 2014 Sections include: -Hemoglobin -Hemoglobin modifications -Oxygen-hemoglobin dissociation curve -Oxygen content of blood
33  cards
Resp - Physio (Pulmonary circulation & related concepts)
Pg. 599-601 in First Aid 2014 Sections include: -Pulmonary circulation -Pulmonary vascular resistance -Alveolar gas equation -Oxygen deprivation -V/Q mismatch -CO2 transport -Response to high altitude -Response to exercise
57  cards
Resp - Path (Rhinosinusitis, DVT, & Pulmonary emboli)
Pg. 602-603 in First Aid 2014 Sections include: -Rhinosinusitis -Deep venous thrombosis -Pulmonary emboli
17  cards
Resp - Path (Obstructive & Restrictive lung diseases)
Pg. 604-605 in First Aid 2014 Sections include: -Obstructive lung diseases -Asthma -Bronchiectasis -Restrictive lung disease
31  cards
Resp - Path (Hypersensitivity pneumonitis & Pneumoconioses)
Pg. 605-606 in First Aid 2014 Sections include: -Hypersensitivity pneumonitis -Pneumoconioses
22  cards
Resp - Path (Neonatal respiratory distress syndrome, ARDS, & Obstructive vs. Restrictive lung disease)
Pg. 606-607 in First Aid 2014 Sections include: -Neonatal respiratory distress syndrome -Acute respiratory distress syndrome -Obstructive vs. restrictive lung disease
18  cards
Resp - Path (Pulmonary hypertension, Sleep apnea, & Lung physical findings)
See Pg. 608 in First Aid 2014 Sections include: -Pulmonary hypertension -Sleep apnea -Lung-physical findings
22  cards
Resp - Path (Lung cancer & Superior vena cava syndrome)
Pg. 609-610 in First Aid 2014 Sections include: -Lung cancer -Mesothelioma -Pancoast tumor -Superior vena cava syndrome
42  cards
Resp - Path (Pneumonia, Lung abscess, Pleural effusions, & Pneumothroax)
Pg. 611-612 in First Aid 2014 Sections include: -Pneumonia -Lung abscess -Pleural effusions -Pneumothorax
35  cards
Resp - Pharm (H1 blockers, Expectorants, & other respiratory drugs)
Pg. 613 in First Aid 2014 Sections include: -H1 blockers -Expectorants -Dextromorphan -Pseudoephedrine, phenylephrine
19  cards
Resp - Pharm (Asthma & other related drugs)
Pg. 614 in First Aid 2014 Sections include: -Asthma drugs -Methacholine -Bosentan
21  cards

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