FCNE20005 - CFDM

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Lecture 2: Raising Capital - Equity
1.) Equity: Characteristics 2.) Floating Process 3.) Short-run and long-run performance of IPOs 4.) SEO - Rights issues vs Placements 5.) Process of Underwriting
74  cards
Lecture 10 - Risk Management
The creator of this deck did not yet add a description for what is included in this deck.
21  cards
Lecture 1: Options
1.) Major types and characteristics of Options 2.) Explain the 6 factors which affects option values
27  cards
Lecture 3: Raising Capital: Debt, Hybrid Securities and Leasing
1.) Characteristics of Debt 2.) Effects of Financial Leverage 3.) Debt and Equity within an Options Framework 4.) Hybrid Securities 5.) Operating leases and Financial leases 6.) Financial evaluation of leases 7.) Advantages and Disadvantages of leasing
69  cards
Lecture 4a: Capital Structure
1.) Observed capital structure practices 2.) Impact of Tax, Financial Distress, Agency, Information Asymmetry and Asset Type
53  cards
Lecture 4b: Cost of Capital
3.) Cost of Capital 4.) Weighted average Cost of Capital 5.) Relationship between project and company cost of capital
15  cards
Lecture 5a: Payout (Dividends)
1.) Payout declaration procedures 2.) Impact of - Transaction Cost - Flotation Cost - Taxes - Information Effects/ Signalling - Agency cost & corporate governance 3.) Special Dividends Characteristics 4.) Dividend Reinvestment Plans
33  cards
Lecture 5b: Payout (Share Buybacks)
1.) Main types of share buybacks 2.) Reasons for share repurchase
24  cards
Lecture 6: Advanced Topics in Capital Budgeting
1.) Sensitivity analysis 2.) Break-even analysis 3.) Simulation analysis 4.) Decision-tree analysis
17  cards
Lecture 8a: Takeovers
1.) Types 2.) Methods of payment 3.) Regulation of takeovers 4.) Takeover defences 5.) Financial evaluation of takeovers
26  cards
Lecture 8b: Takeovers 2
1.) Economic Rationale for Takeovers 2.) Empirical Evidences of Takeovers
47  cards
Lecture 9: Corporate Restructuring
1.) What is restructuring 2.) Reasons for restructuring 3.) Empirical evidence to 'diversification discount' 4.) Types of restructuring transactions 5.) Empirical evidence to restructuring
30  cards
Lecture 7: Real Options
1.) Understand real options including the option to delay investment, the option to expand operations, the option to abandon operations, and the option to remain flexible 2.) Understand real options in the context of the six drivers of option value 3.) Understand the use of real options within a decision-tree framework
32  cards
Last Review
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12  cards
Tutorial Questions
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28  cards

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The creator of this class did not yet add a description for what is included in this class.

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