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Decks in this class (24)

HIV and AIDS Lecture
2  cards
Microbiology Review
56  cards
Microbiology Review Done Right
Get it boi
59  cards
26  cards
Approach to Infectious Disease Lecture Powerpoint
15  cards
Micro again
Let's try this one last time
57  cards
Crammin 4 ID exam 1
24  cards
Drugs but for realsies
63  cards
Drugs one last time
The Ultimate List
56  cards
Drugs two last time
74  cards
Drugs Three Last Time
RIP Etika
40  cards
Drugs Four Last Time
57  cards
Drugs Five Last Time
31  cards
Gram+ Infections Lecture
37  cards
Gram - Infections
71  cards
Helminths, protozoa, and parasites
fuck this shit
30  cards
Craig be kind plz
16  cards
Acid Fast diseases
Fucking Amber man
26  cards
Mycoplasma and other Atypicals
Jen don't let me down
12  cards
Anna mae shrooms
25  cards
fuck me jerry
83  cards
MRSA Mutha fucka
6  cards
Nutritional considerations in ID
fuck my life
7  cards
Serologic testing
fucking a mike
7  cards

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