Janeway Immunology notes

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T cell mediated immunity
Covers Janeway 7th ed pp 323-325
30  cards
Entry of naive T cells and APCs into peripheral lymphoid organs
Janeway p325-326
22  cards
Activation of integrins by chemokines is responsible for the entry of naive T cells into lymph nodes
Pp327-330 Janeway 7th edition
55  cards
T cell responses are initated in peripheral lymphoid organs by activated dendritic cells
Page 331 7th Ed Janeway
20  cards
There are two different functional classes of dendritic cells
Page 332 to 334 Janeway 7th Edition
30  cards
Dendritic cells process antigens from a wide array of pathogens
Page 334-336 Chapter 8 T cell mediated immunity Janeway
24  cards
Pathogen-induced TLR signalling in immature dendritic cells induces their migration to lymphoid organs and enhances antigen processing
Janeway seventh edition Chapter 8, pages 336-338
31  cards

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