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Chapter 6
Liability against insurance - Part 1 General Legal Principles
48  cards
Chapter 7
Products Liability and its Effects
22  cards
Chapter 8
Standard CGL Policy
51  cards
Chapter 1
Introduction to Liability Insurance
22  cards
Chapter 2
Negligence - The ABC Rule (Common Law)
49  cards
Chapter 3
Defences Against Negligence in Common Law
26  cards
Chapter 4
Extra-Contractual Liability in Quebec
23  cards
Chapter 5
Defences Against Extra-Contractual Liability in Quebec
21  cards
Things to study: checklist
1. All these decks are a good summary of each chapter 2. Check the online portal quizzes for each chapter 3. Review the study guide m/c, short answer and application Q&As and try to really understand and remember what the book is expecting for a full answer 4. Review the teacher's slides for a change of scenery
1  cards
Chapter 9
Declarations page, miscellaneous liability coverages
34  cards
Chapter 10
Underwriting Exposure Management
29  cards

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Liability C13

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