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Bacterial Growth and Metabolism
- Know conditions that affect bacterial growth rate - Describe a typical bacterial growth curve - Define siderophore and bacterial biofilm - Distinguish aerobic from anaerobic growth - Define normal flora and recall benefits and hazards of colonization - Recall principle of normal flora of various tissues - Define Key terms associated with infectious disease
48  cards
Antisepsis and Sterilization
- Define germ theory and recall Koch's Postulates - Discuss the concept of healthcare-associated infections - Compare and contrast disinfection, antisepsis, and sterilization - Define bacteriostatic and bacteriocidal agents - Recall chemical and physical methods of decontamination and how each agent works and is used
26  cards
Bacterial Structure and Classification
- Identify the different shapes and organization of bacteria - Recall the difference between animal and bacterial cells - Recall bacterial structural components and their biological roles - Describe the difference between Gram + and Gram - bacteria - Recall the basis of bacterial classification
65  cards
Micro Lab
- Be able to transfer bacteria from one medium to another using proper aseptic techniques - Be able to isolate colonies of bacteria from mixed specimens by the streak plate technique - Be able to perform and interpret Gram stains - Recognize complexity of normal flora - describe the use of selective and differential media - describe bacterial antimicrobial susceptibility testing
14  cards
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Micro 1 - Justin

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The creator of this class did not yet add a description for what is included in this class.

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