Microbiology (DEN 303)

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Re-introduction to microbiology
The properties of bacteria including: morphology, staining and culture; taxonomy; commensals and carriers. The properties of viruses including: characteristic features of viruses; elementary taxonomy; outlines of structure and replication; principles of latent viral infection. The properties of fungi and protozoa: features of medically important fungi; laboratory diagnosis of these infections. The properties of Prions: -relationship to spongiform encephalopathies; -practical difficulties for ste
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Major gram-negative bacterial pathogens
-Morphology, growth requirements and classification of key Gram-negative bacteria. Neisseria infections and pathogenicity. -Haemophilus infections and pathogenicity. -Yersinia and Pseudomonas infections and pathogenicity, epidemiology and spread. - Control of Gram-negative bacterial infections including antibiotic treatment, prophylaxis and use of vaccines, as appropriate.
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Gram positive bacteria
Outline main features of: – Streptococcus – Staphylococcus – Corynebacterium How they cause disease – Their virulence factors Approaches to their control
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Anti-microbial chemotherapy - agents and mechanisms of action
To ensure understanding of the concepts of antimicrobial chemotherapy To revise and extend the classes of antimicrobials their mechanisms of action To describe common laboratory sensitivity testing of antimicrobials To describe the basis of antimicrobial resistance
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The spirochaetes
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Anaerobic bacteria
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Antimicrobials in clinical practice
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Actinomyces and Candida
Morphology and pathogenic features of Actinomyces and Candida species Main pathological conditions caused by these organisms Aspects of treatment
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Microbiology (DEN 303)

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The creator of this class did not yet add a description for what is included in this class.

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