Mnemonic & Memory Crash Course

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Glossary of Memory Systems and Terms
Familiarize yourself with the terms and techniques for all major memory and mnemonic systems.
3  cards
Peg System - The Major System Phonetics
Memorize the phonetics of the Major System to create and easily remember Pegs.
10  cards
Peg System - Alphabet Letter Sound Method
Learn the Alphabet Letter Sound Method to memorize up to 26 pieces of information in order. Each letter of the Alphabet has a word that sounds like that letter. Use these words to create mental pictures and associations with the information you want to remember.
26  cards
Peg System - The Major System Numbers 1-100
Memorize numbers of any length using these pegs based on the Major System of Mnemonics.
100  cards
Peg System - Memorizing Decks of Cards
Memorize decks of cards using the Peg System and Link Method.
52  cards
PAO System - The Dominic System Phonetics
Study the phonetics of the Dominic System to create PAO (Person-Action-Object) images and easily remember numbers.
10  cards
PAO System - Memorizing Decks of Cards
Memorize decks of playing cards using fewer memory palace locations with the PAO, or Person, Action Object, memory technique.
65  cards
Remembering Names and Faces
Never forget a name again with these tried and proven memory techniques.
0  cards

More about Mnemonic & Memory Crash Course

  • Class purpose General learning

Become a master of memory with these techniques, passed down for centuries and refined for our modern day. Remember phone numbers, credit card numbers, names, decks of playing cards, grocery lists.. the possibilities are endless!

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