Nat 5 Chemistry

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Rates of Reaction
factors effecting rates of reaction, comparing reactions, following the course of a reaction and calculating the average rate of a reaction
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Atomic Structure and Bonding Related to Properties of Materials
the structure of the periodic table, the structure of atoms, mass number, isotopes, relative atomic mass, naming compounds, covalent and ionic bonding, covalent networks, properties of substances, explanation of properties.
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Formula and Reaction Quantities
word equations, chemical formula, ionic formulae, chemical equations, calculating formula mass and gram formula mass, the mole and mole calculations.
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Energy Changes of Chemical Reactions
examples of exothermic and endothermic reactions
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Acids and Alkalis (Bases)
the pH scale, common and laboratory acids and alkalis, bases, hydrogen and hydroxide ions, metal oxides and non-metal oxides, the effects of non-metal oxides on the environment, the role of acids in the food and drinks industry, neutralisation reactions, spectator ions, titrations.
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Nat 5 Chemistry

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