Old: Biophysics I

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2. Dual nature of light. EM spectrum.
Proofs for dual nature of light. Electromagnetic spectrum.
9  cards
3. Photoelectric effect.
Photoelectric effect and the significance of its application.
4  cards
4. Wave phenomena.
Harmonic oscillation and waves. Interference. Electromagnetic waves, diffraction, polarization.
13  cards
5. Geometric optics. Image formation.
Bases of geometric optics. Light reflection and refraction. Refractometry, endoscopy. Image formation, depth of field.
8  cards
6. Wave optics. Microscopy.
Principles of wave optics. Microscopy, resolution. Concept of diffraction limit.
4  cards
7. Image formation. Optics of the eye.
Image formation on curved surfaces. Optics of the eye, resolution of it.
5  cards
8. Eletrons as matter waves.
Proofs of particle-wave duality in case of electrons. Matter waves in free and bound state
6  cards
9. Atomic and molecular interactions.
General description of atomic and molecular interactions.
4  cards
12. Boltzmann distribution.
Boltzmann distribution and its significance.
6  cards
13. Liquid crystalline systems.
Liquid crystalline systems. Practical application of them.
2  cards
14. E-level system of solids. Conductance.
Energy level system of solids. Conductors, semiconductors, insulators.
6  cards
16. Black body radiation.
Black body radiation and laws for description of it. Ways of application.
7  cards
17. Law of radiation attenuation.
Law of radiation attenuation and its validity.
8  cards
19. Light absorption in solutions.
Light absorption in solutions. The phenomenon and its physical description. Absorption spectrum and its measurement. Practical applications.
7  cards
20. Luminescence.
Types of luminescence, characteristics of them. Rules concerning the transitions. Luminescence excitation and emission spectrum. Luminescence lifetime. Diagnostic applications.
5  cards
23. Atomic nucleus. Isotopes.
Atomic nucleus. Nuclear forces. Isotopes.
3  cards
24. α-, and β-decay. γ-radiation.
Unstable nucleus. Alpha-, and beta-decay. Gamma-radiation.
8  cards
25. Radioactive decay law.
Radioactive decay law (different forms).
6  cards
26. Ionizing radiations.
Interactions of nuclear radiations with matter.
6  cards
27. Radiation and bodies. Applications.
Mechanism of effect of ionizing radiations. Radiotherapy, radiation protection.
10  cards
28. Dosimetry. Dose concepts.
The creator of this deck did not yet add a description for what is included in this deck.
3  cards
29. Nuclear measurement technique.
Nuclear measurement technique. Measuring devices.
6  cards
30. Isotope diagnostics.
Isotope diagnostics. Selection principles of radioisotopes.
8  cards
31. Diagnostic applications of isotopes.
Isotope diagnostic methods. Gamma camera. Static and dynamic examinations. Scintigraphy, SPECT, PET.
9  cards

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Old: Biophysics I

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The creator of this class did not yet add a description for what is included in this class.

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