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Safety and Sanitation
1. Performs safety-related functions 2. Practices food safety procedures
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Common Occupational Skills
1. Maintains tools and equipment 2. Organizes work 3. Manages information 4. Manages products and supplies 5. Performs culinary trade activities 6. Prepares food according to health and dietary restrictions
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1. Prepares herbs and spices 2. Prepares vegetables (including potatoes) 3. Prepares fruit
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Stocks and Soups
1. Prepares stocks 2. Prepares thickening and binding agents 3. Prepares soups 4. Prepares marinades and brines
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1. Prepares sauces 2. Prepares dessert sauces
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Dairy and Egg Products and Alternatives
1. Prepares cheese and dairy-related dishes 2. Prepares eggs and egg-related dishes
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1. Prepares pasta 2. Prepares assembled pastas
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Grains, Seeds, Pulses, Nuts and Soy-and Wheat-Based Proteins
1. Prepares grains and seeds 2. Prepares pulses and nuts 3. Prepares soy-and wheat-based proteins
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Meat, Poultry, Game and Game Birds
1. Prepares meat and game meat 2. Prepares poultry and game birds 3. Prepares variety meats
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Fish and Shellfish
1. Prepares fish 2. Prepares shellfish
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1. Prepares salads 2. Prepares hors d’oeuvres 3. Prepares sandwiches 4. Prepares charcuterie 5. Prepares condiments and accompaniments 6. Prepares aspics, jellies and glazes
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Baked Goods and Desserts
1. Prepares dough-based products 2. Prepares batter-based products 3. Prepares creams, mousses, frozen desserts, fillings, icings, toppings and sugar works 4. Assembles cakes 5. Prepares pastries and pies 6. Prepares chocolate
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Red Seal Example Questions
Just a test
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OHS Code
The creator of this deck did not yet add a description for what is included in this deck.
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The creator of this class did not yet add a description for what is included in this class.

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