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The ancient wisdom of Hinduism has survived for thousands of years, its ideas appearing and reappearing in ethical traditions throughout the world. Use this deck to begin understanding the oldest of the world's major religions.
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Legend has it that the people of India asked the Buddha if he was a god, an angel, or a saint. The Buddha replied no to all three questions. "Then what are you?" the people asked. The Buddha replied, "I am awake." Gain a basic understanding of the Buddha's philosophy-religion, which is at once deeply mysterious and startlingly simple.
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The youngest of the three Abrahamic religions has a rich history and a fascinating theology often overlooked in the western world. Use this deck to gain a layman's understanding of the tenets of Islam.
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By the numbers, Judaism is a small religion, but the impact that Jews have had on the world is significant. Use this deck to learn about the beliefs and practices of this oldest of Abrahamic religions.
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From the simple life of Christ to the often bewildering hermeneutics of the Bible, Christianity has had a great impact on humanity. The history and future of the western world cannot be understood without a working knowledge of Earth's most popular religion. This deck provides a solid introduction.
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Chinese Religion
The traditions of China challenge the western concept of "religion." Rather than enforcing dogma, China's various systems of thought and practice borrow from and build on each other, forming a rich patchwork of intermingling ideas. This deck provides a very brief introduction to the ethical and religious traditions native to China: Confucianism, Taoism, and ancient folk religion.
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