Sauder School of Business - Real Estate Licence

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LESSON 1 - Preface Intro to Real Estate
- How land is owned in Canada - value is attached to land - participants in real estate and roles - Characteristics unique to real property - Structure of real estate in BC - differentiate b/t residential & incustrial, commercial and investment real estate markets
35  cards
Lesson 1 - Chapter 1 - Fundamentals of Law
Learning Objectives: - Describe sources of Laws - Explain the doctrine of stare decisis and how it is applied by the courts - Describe the difference between common law and equitable principles, and how they are applied today in BC - Describe how the federal, provincial and municipal governments obtain their power to pass statues and give an example of a law each level might pass - Give an example of a public law matter and a private law matter - Discuss the historical basis of our real propert
62  cards
Lesson 1 - Chapter 2 - Real estate Services Act
Learning Objective - Discuss the purpose and the scope of the RESA - Explain how RESA is administered - Describe the licensing system - Describe how RESA governs the conduct of licensees - Discuss how RESA provides protection to the public - Describe the consequenxes of a licensee's breach or RESA - Describe the Real Estat Council's discuplinary and enforcement procedures - Discuss the purpose and the scope of the Real Estate Development Marketing Act - Describe which types of develpments requi
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Sauder School of Business - Real Estate Licence

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