Year 1 Anatomy of the Thorax

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Anatomical Terms
Anatomical position: define and demonstrate the following basic terms relative to the anatomical position: medial, median, lateral, proximal, distal, superior, inferior, deep, superficial, palmar, plantar, anterior/ventral, posterior/dorsal, cephalic/cranial, rostral, caudal Anatomical planes: define and demonstrate the following basic anatomical planes: axial/transverse/horizontal, sagittal and coronal Movement: define and demonstrate the basic terms used to describe movement: flexion, extens
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Thoracic Regional Anatomy
Thoracic inlet: describe the boundaries of the thoracic inlet and outlet and the structures that pass through them and their relations Mediastinum: describe the arrangement and contents of the superior, anterior, middle and posterior parts of the mediastinum Oesophagus: describe the course, major relations and neurovascular supply of the oesophagus within the thorax Vagus and Phrenic nerves: describe the origin, course and distribution of the vagus and phrenic nerves Thoracic duct: describe
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Thoracic Wall
Bones of the thorax: demonstrate the main anatomical features and surface landmarks of the thoracic vertebrae, ribs and sternum. Describe the anatomy of the joints between the ribs, vertebrae, costal cartilages and sternum. Explain their contribution to the movements of ventilation Intercostal muscles: describe the anatomy of the intercostal muscles. Describe a neurovascular bundle in a typical intercostal space and outline the structures its components supply Breast: describe the anatomy of t
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Heart and great vessels
Heart: demonstrate the surface markings of the heart and great vessels, the position and site of auscultation of the heart valves, and explain their clinical relevance; identify the major anatomical features of each chamber of the heart and explain their functional significance; describe the structure and position of heart valves and explain their function; describe the anatomical course of the spread of electrical excitation through the chambers of the heart, recall the position of palpation of
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Lungs, Pleura and Ventilation
Diaphragm: describe the attachments and relations of the diaphragm and the structures that pass through and behind it. Explain the movements of the diaphragm, its motor and sensory innervation and pleural and peritoneal coverings Ventilation: explain the movements involved in normal, vigorous and forced ventilation and describe the muscles responsible for these movements Lungs: demonstrate the surface markings of the pleura, lobes and fissures of the lungs and explain their clinical significan
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