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Botany is the scientific study of plants. Learn all about Botany now with smart digital flashcards. Study anywhere, anytime!

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About Botany on Brainscape

What Is Botany?

Did you know that some plants can recognize their siblings and give them preferential treatment? Scientists note that competition for root space is fierce among plants that are strangers but plants give their siblings a break!

Botany is the branch of science that deals with the study of all things amazing about plants.  It studies their life-cycle, structure, disease and properties. Apart from the typical plants that we see around, the study of botany also covers the life of tiny organisms like algae and fungi.

Botany has been key in helping humans to survive and make breakthroughs in the areas of disease, food, medicine, and shelter. Apart from working in the laboratory to study plants' structure and their impact on related fields; botany involves a significant amount of fieldwork.

Careers in Botany

To study botany at undergraduate or postgraduate degree level you must have been interested in science during your high school education. Scoring good grades in subjects like biology and chemistry is the best way to becoming a botanist. With a post-doctoral Botany degree graduates may seek employment in a variety of settings and roles:

  • Botanist
  • Museum curator
  • Conservationist
  • Plant biochemist
  • Taxonomist
  • Molecular biologist
  • Plant physiologist

Typical employers include pharmaceutical firms, government facilities, and universities. It’s also best to keep yourself fighting fit if you want to become a botanist as many job ads advise you may have to carry up to 30 pounds of equipment, excavate and negotiate heavy and steep terrain.

To learn more about botany you can check out The Botanical Society of America. You can also take the time to watch this great Introduction to Botany from The Great Courses Plus Series on YouTube.

Learning Botany

Taking a botany major means you’ll learn to develop and hone laboratory skills as you understand plant cell biology in depth. You’ll learn to analyze and present your data according to key metrics. At the core of your work though, will be the classroom where you’ll learn complex terminology and concepts. You’ll also need to compute and memorize vast amounts of information.

Brainscape can’t help you out with your practical skills in the lab -- but it is an unrivaled learning tool to efficiently memorize large amounts of complex information. You’ll soon get to grips with key principles and theories with Brainscape, laying the foundations you need to excel.  

Botany in Brainscape

There are thousands of flashcards written by top botany students, all free to use and keep on using. You’ll cover a range of subjects studying botany and there are thousands of flashcards on other pages that you’ll find helpful too such as ecology, molecular biology, genetics, taxonomy, cytology, and plant pathology.

If you need top AP scores to study botany at college, then check out the best AP study guides on the planet prepared in partnership with Next Step Test Preparation.

You can also use the Brainscape software and make your own interactive learning catalog from your coursework notes. It’s free and easy to write the flashcards or quickly import data. Once you’ve created your flashcards you can choose to share them with the Brainscape community or keep them for your personal use.

Learn faster with Brainscape

Brainscapes’s learning tool known as Confidence-Based Repetition or CBR is exciting news for students. Their smart technology is giving learners the edge, in fact with Brainscape, students learn twice as fast AND remember longer.

The CBR system is a fusion of three scientifically proven learning methods: Active Recall, Metacognition, and Spaced Repetition. No other computer-aided learning tool uses this unique composition of learning methods making it the most powerful learning engine on the planet. Brainscape also targets higher studies, so it’s ideal for studying even up to post-doctoral level.

The first method incorporated in the super-charged CBR system is active recall. In Brainscape you’ll have to work hard to retrieve answers and you’ll build strong neural pathways in the process. Therefore, the next time you need the same information, in a professional or test environment, retrieval will be easier due to strong neural pathways.   

The second learning technique in the CBR system is spaced repetition, yet another proven learning method; the CBR system’s flashcard format perfectly mimics this proven method of showing learners bite-sized pieces of information at spaced intervals.

Whilst other computer-aided learning tools use these methods Brainscape is different in its incorporation of metacognition to fuel the algorithm. With other computer-aided learning tools you'll see notecards randomly but with Brainscape you’ll see flashcards shown in an exact sequence uniquely in sync with the learner.

In practice, after you have reviewed each flashcard you’ll leave a response from 1-5 according to your understanding of the content. You might have just reviewed Photosynthesis and you consider your understanding to be shaky. Therefore, you would leave a score may be of “1” or “2” from the 1-5 options. Consequently, the algorithm will show you that flashcard shortly, whilst the flashcard you reviewed on Plant Systematics that you recorded as a “5” will be shown infrequently. It’s this system that frees up the time you need to focus on your weaker areas that delivers such outstanding results.

To start learning TWICE as fast, read on.  

How to get started

Getting started learning Botany with Brainscape is easy.

Simply browse the decks below and you’ll see subjects from Angiosperm Evolution to Fabaceae. Just dig in and you’ll see just how effective Brainscape is for yourself.

Creating your own flashcards is also super easy. Revamp your course notes and bring them to life with Brainscape software. Authoring the cards will improve your memory trace and when you are finished, you’ll have your own interactive learning catalog.

Once complete, choose your settings, and share with the Brainscape community to become a valued contributor or keep them for your own personal use.  

Brainscape is passionate about giving students the best educational tools available on the market. The Brainscape team wishes you all the best in your Botany studies and career.