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About Contract Law on Brainscape

What is Contract Law?

Contract law may not carry the excitement of criminal law, but those who practice contract law are expert negotiators with a keen eye for detail a love of the law--born-fighters who command a competitive salary to match.

Contract law is the body of law that relates to making and enforcing agreements. Whilst you may not find that particularly interesting without the framework of rules that contract law provides, very little economic activity could be conducted without it since there would be no recourse.

Contract law allows consumers and businesses to enact fair remedy whenever they enter into a contract, whatever that might be. All parties in a contract ought to act fairly and honestly, but if they won’t then you could contact a lawyer for contracts for help.

Contracts are at the core of many legal specializations, such as labor law, intellectual law and business law.

Careers in Contract Law

Jobs directly related to Contract law include:

  • Attorney for Contracts
  • Paralegal
  • Legal Clerk
  • Judge
  • Law Professor

Lawyers for contracts help their clients draft and negotiate contracts to conduct business on good terms and they also get involved in the case of disputes. Contract lawyers are experts in wording and details, and provide clients with expert knowledge to avoid legal pitfalls which could be financially disastrous.

Lawyers will arbitrate out of court and advise if and when to mediate in courts. As long as business continues to take place, there’s a need for lawyers specializing in contract law.

Lawyers for contracts may claim back or save huge sums for their clients meaning that lawyers can ask for hefty fees on the back of large financial rulings. Salaries for US lawyers remain competitive, and with commissions you could earn in excess of $200,000/year.

If you think a career in Contract Law is for you, then The American Bar Association and The American Law Society have some great information. You can also watch this video which will give you basic information about Contract Law. also has details on great Law schools.

Learning Contract Law

Learning Contract Law can be challenging; new rulings come into place daily and they make up new case law. Additionally, Contract law differs from state to state, so depending on where you practice, you’ll use different law and rulings.

Law students face the challenge of needing to memorize precise details of large quantities of case law--and then logically and analytically implementing it.

Brainscape is the ideal supplementary tool for law students, which will allow you to efficiently memorize large quantities of legal concepts and rulings. Once you’ve built a strong foundation of legal knowledge, application will become easier.  

Contract Law in Brainscape

If you want to practice law, you will need to complete an undergraduate major, this can be in any subject but some subjects are viewed more favorably such as English, Economics, Science or Mathematics. Law school requires excellent research, writing and analytical skills; success in these subjects is a good indicator of these skills.

You’ll be required to take the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) to enter Law school; and upon admission to law school you’ll later need to take the Bar Exam in order to practice.

Brainscape has come together with a team of legal experts to produce the most comprehensive Bar Review flashcards available anywhere. This joint venture has created almost 2,500 flashcards which providing a thorough review of all major subject areas of the Multistate Bar Exam (MBE), including Constitutional Law, Contracts, Civil Procedure, Evidence, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Real Property, and Torts.

There are also thousands of free-to-access Contract Law flashcards. Brainscape also offers users the facility to become contributors. It’s easy to author or import information for your own flashcards, keep your flashcards private or share them with the Brainscape learning community.

Learn faster with Brainscape

Brainscape has developed a system known as confidence-based repetition (CBR), which allows students to learn twice as fast. The system incorporates three well-known and proven learning methods: Active Recall, Metacognition, and Spaced Recognition.  

The benefits of using Brainscape is that learners not only allocate their study time more effectively, but also retain information for longer.

Brainscape is different than other computer-aided learning tools because it uniquely incorporates a metacognitive user-response to fuel its algorithm.

With other computer-aided learning tools, flashcards are shown randomly. However, Brainscape chooses the perfect time to show you each card based on your recorded responses.

You might be reviewing a flashcard about 'Consideration,' and you thought your understanding of the subject was poor. In that case, you would record your understanding as a “1” . The algorithm will show you that card again--more frequently--until you gradually record a higher rating.When you record the highest rating of “5,” the card will be shown very infrequently. This system, repeated on each card in the deck, has the effect of perfectly shuffling the deck for optimal learning.

CBR also incorporates active recall. This process involves the retrieval of information--rather than just recognizing it. When active recall takes place, the neurons are strengthened--as is the memory trace. The flashcards in Brainscape are designed to make your brain work smarter--while you retrieve information rather than simply recognizing it.

Finally, Brainscape also incorporates spaced repetition into the CBR system. This is also an important, researched learning method with proven results. Learners see flashcard with bite-sized pieces of information at regular intervals, which is a proven effective method for retention.

Only Brainscape incorporates all three of these learning methods, making it the most powerful learning engine on today’s education market.

How to get started

Getting started learning Contract Law with Brainscape is easy.

If you’d like to try out making your own flashcards, then just click on “make flashcards” at the top of the page and get started right away. It’s a great way to learn; the process of authoring or studying flashcards will deepen your memory trace.

Most people, however, like to use our prepared content; go ahead and try it out now. Below you’ll see decks, so just pick one that interests you and get started now. Choose from Remedies, Privity, Mistake, Misrepresentation or Performance & Breach.

Brainscape is an invaluable learning tool for Contract Law students. We wish you all the best in your future learning and career in contract law. Best wishes from the Brainscape team!