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  • TUS
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  • C#
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  • Astrophysics and cosmology
    Astrophysics and cosmology
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  • Electrophys
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  • Physiology and Pharmacology
    Physiology and Pharmacology
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  • MSK Review
    MSK Review
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  • SCT3 Therapeutic Exercise
    SCT3 Therapeutic Exercise
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  • Random
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  • LOIT 2019 Tech Specs
    LOIT 2019 Tech Specs
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  • Cabri G2
    Cabri G2
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  • Adult Normals
    Adult Normals
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  • MCD Introduction To Cells
    MCD Introduction To Cells
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  • Secure Software Development
    Secure Software Development
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  • Higher Computing
    Higher Computing
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  • Pathophysiology
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  • -229 Engine Run
    -229 Engine Run
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  • Lipids
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  • STAT110
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  • 103: Computer Systems
    103: Computer Systems
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  • PS1813 - 2 - The Spine of Statistics
    PS1813 - 2 - The Spine of Statistics
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  • Physiology final exam
    Physiology final exam
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  • 553 Exam 2
    553 Exam 2
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  • Physiology - essay 33-49
    Physiology - essay 33-49
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  • C) Quantitative models for socio-economic analysis
    C) Quantitative models for socio-economic analysis
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  • Airbus Items
    Airbus Items
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  • Exam 8
    Exam 8
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  • Nursing Fundamentals
    Nursing Fundamentals
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  • étude melou 8
    étude melou 8
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  • CAS Exam 8B
    CAS Exam 8B
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  • Midwifery Knowledge 2
    Midwifery Knowledge 2
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  • Computing Theory
    Computing Theory
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  • Investigating Psych
    Investigating Psych
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  • Turn Qual
    Turn Qual
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  • Statistik vl_7 und vl_8
    Statistik vl_7 und vl_8
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  • Practicals
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  • CSCI 220
    CSCI 220
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  • CL-605 Limitations AFM 30
    CL-605 Limitations AFM 30
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  • Practicals MCD
    Practicals MCD
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  • AWS-CDA-2019-08 - Other Services
    AWS-CDA-2019-08 - Other Services
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  • 2nd Midterm Essay 17-32
    2nd Midterm Essay 17-32
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  • Statistische modellen
    Statistische modellen
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  • L1 07 Statistical Concepts and Market Returns
    L1 07 Statistical Concepts and Market Returns
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  • RHCE
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About Paramedic on Brainscape

What is a Paramedic?

Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) are first responders trained in emergency medicine who save lives and transport patients to hospitals every day of their working lives.  

The difference between the two is that paramedics have a higher level of education and training, indeed, being an EMT with a specified number of hours is often a prerequisite of many paramedic courses. While an EMT will complete tuition totalling around 150 hours; a paramedic will complete a course of around 1,200 to 1,800 hours.

Paramedics extend on their EMT knowledge and, consequently, can provide more complex care, such as administering emergency medications, inserting IVs, performing advanced airway management, and providing emergency treatment for cardiac patients.

You can find course stats at The Community for Accredited Online Schools or your local college. Why not check out this video in which Christian Jocelyn talks about his job as a paramedic?

Learning to become a Paramedic

If you’re learning to become a paramedic, chances are you are working full-time as an EMT. During your course, you’ll build on your EMT understanding and aim to become proficient in more advanced healthcare. When you’re juggling study commitments with a stressful hands-on job, Brainscape is the ideal supplementary study aid to help you drill down and memorize tricky medical terminology and principles.   

You’ll find thousands of flashcards on this page all prepared by like-minded Paramedic students. There are cards covering all you need from anatomy basics to helpful drug quizzes. You can also use the software to make your own flashcards from your course notes. All for free!  

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