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What is a kilowatt hour?

The amount of energy that is transferred by a one kilowatt appliance when used for one hour


What is the equation for the amount of energy supplied to a mains appliance?

E = p X t

E is the energy transferred in kWh
P is the power in kW
T is the time taken in hours


How much electrical energy, in kWh, is transferred when a 9kW shower is used for 15 minutes?

2.25 kWh


How can we calculate the energy used between readings on a house electricity meter?

Subtract the previous reading from the current reading


What equation can we use to work out the total cost of the electrical mains energy used?

Total cost = number of kWh x cost per kWh


The price of 1kWh of electrical energy is 9p. How much does it cost to use a 60W electric light for 4 hours?



What is the amount energy used in households measured in?

Kilowatt hours