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List the Centric Occlusions

1. overjet
2. underjet
3. overbite
4. inter-digitation
5. midlines
6. inter-cuspsation


which centric occlusion...is measured in mm, includes horizontal overlap of the anterior teeth, avoids biting soft tissues, protects anterior incisal edges (from undo attrition), and allows for posterior maximal intercupsation (makes our posterior teeth disclude when you are going in to protrusion)

Overjet CO


which centric occlusion... is Vertical, can not be measured in mm, but CAN be measured in %, usually with in the incisal 1/3, creates disclussion of posteriors in protrusion, excessive lingual attrition and open bite deficient?

overbite CO


which centric occlusion...is when maxillary anteriors are lingual to mandibular anterior?

underjet CO


which centric occlusion...is a disparity b/w maxillary and mandible?

midline CO


which centric occlusion...where nearly every tooth occludes with 2 opposing arch teeth?

interdigitation CO


which centric occlusion...has characteristics of CO and is responsible for VDO (Vertical Dimension of Occlusion)?

inter-cuspsation CO