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Q1. Describe some of the social and health consequences of poor parenting.

Social: Education, Employment, Income (what money is spent on)
Health: Drug/alcohol use, Poor Nutrition

Educational failure, criminality, anti-social behaviour


Q2. Describe some demographic and socio-economic factors which may make parenting difficult.

Negative experiences of being parented
Poverty (parental income), social deprivation and isolation
Poor housing and environment
Poor parental mental health, including postnatal depression, and drug and alcohol misuse
Divorce, separation and lone parenthood
Culture of long working hours for both men and women Young parental age


Q3. Describe any three features of a public health intervention that might increase inequalities ?

Educational component
Voluntary behaviour change
One size fits all
Financially regressive (affluent benefiting)


Q4. In what ways could fuel poverty affect health ?

(Fuel poverty occurs when an individual can't afford to keep their house heated at a reasonable cost)

Mould growth and damp: allergic reactions, anxiety.
Mental Health Issues
Increase in Respiratory Disease
Exacerbation of arthritic rheumatic symptoms (elderly)
Long term ill health and delayed cognitive development in children
Increased prevalence of minor illnesses
Disproportionate amount of money spend heating.


Q5. What should doctors do to try to reduce health inequalities?

Requires a positive opt-out, as opposed to opt-in
Tailored to individuals needs and culturally compelling
Financially progressive i.e. will advantage the poorest in the population

- Service Delivery and Influencing authorities to make community changes - schools, taxes/
- Preventative Attitudes (Upstream)
- Encouraging physical exercise
-Conduct quantitative and qualitative research to evaluate interventions