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Is Global Warming (climate change) real?

Yes. Global levels of CO2, methane and other trace gases have been increasing steadily, due to burning fossil fuels which increase greenhouse gases which function like glass in a green house and raise the temperature of the world.
Since we have been tracking the gases, they have risen. We do have natural fluctuations between warmer and colder periods, but from what we can INFER from fossil record, this warm up period we are currently experiencing is occurring much quicker than previous warm up sessions. This is due to how many people we have on the planet and the amount of products we are consuming and not properly disposing of or recycling.


What is fact about climate change?

it’s getting warming; glaciers are melting; shifts in species ranges northward; PH levels in oceans rising; increase in green house gases; green house effect is demonstrably effective; lack of air traffic after 9/11 for 3 days measured solar radiation and it decreased due to lack of aircrafts and pollution in the air. Hurrian intensity in Southern Atlantic is increasing – amount is a little dicey, but intensity is higher; level of a flood you should only get every 100 years every 10 years, same with hurricanes.


What is inference about climate change?

why it’s getting warming; too many people; lack of aircraft in the sky shows green house effect can be harming or even mitigated, thus fixing global warming in a small manner. Correlation. Same phenomena for hurricanes, due to global warming. Melting of artic, cold water interrupting gulf stream, gulf steam pulls hurricanes towards coasts due to influx of cold water. Normally shunts away from land. Green house gases and effect is due to human action, quite reasonable but still an inference. Pretty strong but still inference. Avg intensity of hurricanes is rising, and will eventually have all the same high intensity.


what is opinion about climate change?

it’s getting warmer due to human over population, kind of just a wild idea, crazy conspiracy theory ideas. Whether its inherently good or bad it is happening. Solar powered cars if oil companies didn’t buy patents of solar powered cars.