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What is cracking?

The process of breaking down long chain alkanes into shorter ones


How do you do cracking

1. Heat to 700 degrees
2. Add silica or alumina


What is an addition polymer?

A long chain molecule that has been formed by the joining of many monomers


What must a monomer contain for addition polymerisation?

A c-c double bond


How does a monomer change during addition polymerisation?

The double bond breaks


What is a liquid that conducts electricity?

An electrolyte


What goes to the cathode when h2so4 is electrolysed?

Hydrogen ions


What goes to the anode when h2so4 is electrolysed?

Hydroxide ions


How do you calculate the a,punt of coulombs?

Current x time


What is an electron mole?

1. Think about a half equations
2. The no. of electrons is the no. of electron moles needed to make one mole of atoms


How do you calculate masses in electrolysis?

1. Write out he balanced half equations
2. Calculate the no. of carafes
3. Calculate the no. of moles of atoms produced (divide faraday by no. for electrons in the half equation
4. Write out the molar mass to work out the actual mass (mr x moles)