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In which GLPB load-balancing algorithm does the AVG in turn point to each AVF virtual MAC address in its ARP reply (default method)?

Round-robin load balancing


Which next-hop router redundancy protocol provides backup for an assigned real IP address

Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP)


What is the HSRP code, in the MAC address, for a virtual router always equal to?



How is load balancing achieved when implementing Hot Standby Router Protocol (HSRP)?

By using multiple HSRP groups


In which GLPB load-balancing algorithm does the active virtual gateway (AVG) select an AVF virtual MAC address to use in the ARP reply, based on which AVF the host used previously?

Host dependent load-balancing


What IP address does the master router in a VRRP group use to advertise hellos to the group members?


How does Hot Standby Router Protocol (HSRP) provide a gateway IP address to the workstation?

The active HSRP router replies to the workstation's ARP request with the virtual router's MAC address


What are the tree parts of the MAC address for an HSRP virtual router group?

the vendor ID, the HSRP code, and the group ID


When all GLBP routers are left to the default, which router will become the active router?

The router with the highest configured IP address will become the active router


What command enables GLBP on an interface?

switch(config-if)#glbp "group-number" ip "ip-address"


What protocol defines a set of routers that use a shared IP address that is NOT that of a real router to work together to represent one virtual, fault-tolerant router?

Hot Standby Router Protocol (HSRP)


In what state is an HSRP router when it has moved beyond the initial state but not communicated with the active route?

the Learn state


In GLBP, what is the term for a router that forwards packets sent to its virtual MAC address

an active virtual forwarder (AVF)


How does GLBP perform load balancing?

The active virtual gateway (AVG) will perform load balancing by varying which virtual MAC it selects to use in the response.


What is the default priority of all GLBP routers?



Assuming that preempt is not configured, when does a router in an HSRP group assume the role of the active router for the group?

A router in standby status will become the active router when it does not detect any hello messages from the active router within the configured holdtime.


When executed on a HSRP group member named Router 10, what effect does the "Router10(config-if)# standby group 1 track serial0 25" command have?

It will cause the router to decrement its HSRP priority by 25 if Serial 0 goes down


What are the three broad guidelines in an implementation plan to provide high availability?

Plan for incremental implementation of each redundant device, require testing after every step is implemented to ensure operation during a failure, and provide rollback procedures for every step


In what state is an HSRP router when it hears from the active router and knows the virtual IP address, but is not yet participating in the active and standby router election?

Listen state


What is one advantage that HSRP and GLBP have over VRRP?

Both protocols can perform interface tracking, but VRRP cannot.


What IP address do GLBP members use to communicate through hello messages?


In GLBP, which router creates the virtual MAC addresses that are assigned to each of the routers in the group?

the active virtual gateway (AVG)


What is the HSRP virtual router MAC address for the virtual router for HSRP group 31?



Which command enables Hot Standby Route Protocol (HSRP) on an interface?

switch(config-if)# standby "group-number" ip "ip-address"


What is a Cisco-designed protocol that provides for the dynamic utilization of redundant routers in a broadcast network?

Gateway Load Balancing Protocol (GLBP)


What RFC specifies Hot Standby Router Protocol (HSRP)?

RFC 2281


If the VRRP IP address is NOT the physical address of one of the VRRP routers, which router will assume the role of the master?

the router with the highest priority


What is the result of the routerA(config-if)# standby 2 track interface fa0/2 command?

If the fa0/2 interface goes down, router A will reduce its HSRP priority by 10.


What router redundancy protocol uses an active virtual gateway (AVG) and an active virtual forwarder (AVF)?

Gateway Load Balancing Protocol (GLBP).


In what state is an HSRP router when it participates in the active and standby router election and sends hello messages to the active router?

Speak State